U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo, M.Ed

Award Winning Performance Artist/Author in Boston, Massachusetts

U-Meleni Mhlaba-Adebo, M.Ed

Award Winning Performance Artist/Author in Boston, Massachusetts

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My name is U-Meleni, which in my native Ndebele-Zulu tongue means, “What are we waiting for?”

Most recently in 2018 I was nominated to be one of the 18 people profiled in this incredible photographic projection exhibit Boston Stands With Immigrants conceived by the visionary Erik Jacobs, which sought to make visible immigrants in the city and their contributions. The photo here is part of that exhibit. I am so grateful for the honor to not only represent Zimbabweans in Boston, but African immigrants everywhere. The exhibit can be seen till May 30th 2018 at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute.

I am an Author and Poet , my debut collection of poetry was releasedApril 19th, 2016, “Soul Psalms”,published by She Writes Press.I could tell you about it, but I will let the generous words of David Updike, author of Old Girlfriends, explain it for you:

"Her Soul Psalms are, indeed, psalms―also songs, poems, chants,passionate incantations in a fearless female voice―a voice at once strident, sometimes angry, but always passionate and tempered with optimism and the healing possibilities of love.”

In conjunction with art, I find engaging people within diverse and boundless environments to be rejuvenating.

I am a Spoken WordArtist/Singer/Musician and one of my greatest joys is sharing the stage with some of Boston's finest musicians and bands: Muzik Makerz, Jeff Robinson Trio, Valerie Stephens, Craig Eleazer, Akili Jamal Haynes, Zeke Martin, Athene Wilson, Zepeng, Lori Dow, Zili Misik as well as International Artists; Tek Niq, Filbert Marova,Comrade Fatso to name a few.

I am a Speaker & Educator- By applying a holistic student approach, I have facilitated learning environments and encouraged others to grow within them. Applying creative art and “out of the box” methodologies in an appropriate and relevant way has been one of my strengths throughout my career and I am honored to have been recognized for my dedicated effort.

I am a MARATHONER :Reaching out and collaborating with others in areas of wellness has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and is an extension of my natural character.

I AM AN ACTRESS: I have experience gained through film, television, theatre, music. I was a lead actress in ' YA MA AFRIKA" a TV series about 4 African women living in America and their immigrant experiences.

Lets connect if you have projects in education, creative consulting, curriculum development, the African/ immigrant experience/Transnational experience.

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