Unal Patel

Software Engineer in Atlanta, GA

"In San Jose, Unal Patel Unal has a good job and hobbies. He gives back to the community. He enjoys music and songwriting. Embark on a journey to

Unal Patel is a Cisco Systems employee in San Jose. He lives and works in San Jose. A high-tech services worker in Silicon Valley.

The subject matter expert in client meetings, Unal Patel Unal, is a rising Cisco star with ten years experience.

Learn about Unal's career, accolades, and interests.

He co-founded and sold an app development startup for non-profits before joining Cisco. NextApp Nonpro built software to collect feedback and donations.

Unal Patel previously worked in digital marketing. Lesser-known skills included HTML and Java. A 3.7 GPA and 20-25 hours per week of work.

He revamped the company's internet and intranet. He saw the value of SEO in SERP design.

UNAL PATEL ENJOYED HIS TIME AT Georgia Tech, where He joined clubs for computer science, math, and science.

Unal Patel studies MBA. Unal aspires to create another non-profit. An MBA will help him get there.

Unal Patel is a hard-working employee. He also knows ASP.Net and C#. Achieved outside of the classroom to enhance abilities and job performance

Unal Patel also knows Access. UNAL IS A RATIONAL ROSE AND ORACLE WEBLOGIC SERVER EXPER He is familiar with all three.

Voluntary Service
UNAL PATEL TRUSTS GIV He volunteered at the B&G Club. Unal enjoys guiding and working with children. Summer camp counselor and college youth mentor

Unal Patel is an OCPJP with a stellar performance record.

JCP certified developer of scalable Java programs He uses TDD to design and create robust apps.

Unal Patel enjoys playing cricket with pals on weekends. Unal enjoys meeting new individuals. He enjoys football and soccer with his family.

Unal Patel stays informed by reading software blogs and webpages. It's a free website for a local outreach initiative. So he may serve a good cause and improve his skills.

Unal Patel likes shows. He likes rap and jazz. Unal took piano and guitar lessons in high school and college."

  • Education
    • Georgia State University - J. Mack Robinson Colleg