Underarm Whitening Treatment

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Read below to learn about the most effective underarm whitening treatment!

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Having dark underarms can be extremely embarrassing - especially for those beautiful summers when you just want to throw on your favorite bikini and soak up the sun at the pool or beach.

In order to feel confident and not self-conscious about your appearance you'll no doubt want to have flawless underarms. Dark splotches are very noticeable and can drag down your views of your self image.

So, how can you reduce the appearance of dark armpits? One of the easiest and most affordable methods is to use a potent skin lightening cream.

These products are designed to soak into the skin and slow down the production of melanin (the chemical within your skin that's responsible for dark pigmentation).

Looking for a good option? We highly recommend trying Meladerm - it's fast acting, made of safe, natural ingredients, and it's very affordable. It's definitely our number one choice.

Having dark armpits is actually very, very common. In fact, having discolored spots on the skin is one of the most common skin issues for both men and women of all ages.

Darkened underarms are caused by many different things. Women can develop them simply from becoming pregnant or going through stress. This is because when hormones go through massive changes they can alter many things about your body - including your skin tones.

Other common causes include general hyperpigmentation, using deodorants with certain chemicals in them, and even shaving too often.

It has been noted that it is generally a better idea to wax your armpits rather than shave them. Shaving too frequently can cause irritation and even stimulate melanin within the skin to start creating dark pigments. Waxing, on the other hand, doesn't disturb the skin as much and doesn't have to be done quite as often.

There are other underarm whitening treatments besides creams, too. Dermatologists are able to prescribe strong topical ointments (usually containing hydroquinone) that work just as well.