Unity Stoakes

Co-founder StartUp Health in Berkeley, CA

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Unity Stoakes is on a life-long mission to solve big challenges that will impact humanity at global scale. By combining the power of moonshot thinking, a transformer mindset, exponential innovation and collaborative communities, he believes the extraordinary is possible.

In 2011, Unity co-founded StartUp Health to organize, activate and supercharge a global army of Health Transformers to embark on one awesome mission -- to achieve a family of interconnected Health Moonshots, in an effort to improve the lives of billions of people.

Today, StartUp Health has the world’s largest portfolio of health innovation companies (more than 500 from 32 countries and 6 continents) and has assembled a worldwide network of 300,000 innovators, leaders, and investors committed to reinventing the future of health. Over the coming years, StartUp Health (and its Health Transformer University) will continue to organize and support generations of Health Transformers to achieve Health Moonshots ranging from eradicating Alzheimer's Disease to curing diabetes and the diseases that challenge humanity today.

Unity has been a tech entrepreneur since the mid-nineties, previously co-founding OrganizedWisdom and helping build The Privacy Council, Middleberg Interactive, and Webstakes.com/Promotions.com, which he helped take public on NASDAQ.

Unity was a blogger since the Blogger days, has written for Forbes and TechCrunch, has appeared on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, CNN, NPR and USA Today, and speaks around the world about the future of health, technology and making big impact. He is the publisher of StartUp Health Magazine, The Health Transformer Blog and co-host of StartUp Health NOW, a weekly web podcast series.

A few of Unity's interests include designing 'life as art' experiences, traveling off the beaten path, learning about new cultures & people, great food, photography, writing, street art, thinking, inspiring architecture, nature, day-dreaming, bocce ball, big trees, and walking. Most of all, he loves spending time with friends, his wife Katya, and rapidly growing kiddos Oz and Coco!

Unity grew up on a farm in Oxford, Iowa, loved learning at Boston University, lived for two decades in NYC and currently lives in Berkeley CA where his family takes care of Wonderland on Derby Street and tends to a magical rose garden. Read my blog at www.dreamimpossible.org or connect @unitystoakes.