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Finding Great Plans for a Mobile Phone

As technology advances and customers are demanding faster and better mobile phone services, it is getting harder to find great plans for a mobile phone. There are still many deals that provide a lot of benefits for the price of the plan, but plans are changing. One major change is to the concept of unlimited data. A previous unlimited data plan provided customers with truly unlimited data, but that was before mobile phones were capable of doing so many things that required data storage. The first generation of cell phones needed very little data storage to keep contact numbers, send a few text messages, or maybe browse a website or two.

Coverage for the third generation of mobile phones, referred to as 3g, is everywhere, and the next generation, 4g, is growing quickly. Phones require much more data storage as people use them for completing just about any electronic task. Website access is done more on mobile devices than traditional desk top computer; there are entire workforces that depend on mobile phones for all types of communication, such as talking, texting, sending documents, conducting video conference calls; and people are playing sophisticated video games, and streaming movies on their mobile phones. Plans now include a variety of data storage options. The more data included, the higher the price of the plan.

Great plans have to be searched out and are usually found online. Websites, like the 3g Official store, for example, offer discounted pricing on plans, have sales throughout the year, and include the newest phones and tablets in some plans. Offers can get confusing, so be sure to read all the fine print of a contract, ask any questions, and do not sign up for a plan before having a clear understanding of what is included or not included. Unlimited data plans usually have a limit to them that is underlined in a “fair usage policy” as part of the fine print to a contract. Some plans that do offer unlimited data refers to the data used by the phone itself. It does not include data used when using the phone as a modem to connect other mobile devices.