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When deciding what method to use for unlocking your sacred iPhone 5S or 5C, should you unlock iPhone 5S using software unlocks or should you go for the amazing factory unlock people keep talking about? Now, this is really a no-brainer. When you have factory unlocking options at your disposal there is no reason why you should go for software unlock on your iPhone 5S. There are so many reasons as to why unlocking your iPhone 5S is an absolute must. The vast range of options that will open up for you as soon as you unlock your iPhone is going to make you love your iPhone even more.

The makers of this amazing gadget, the iPhone 5S, are well aware of the fact that the product they have is unmatched in the world of smartphones. And to maintain its exclusivity and to make the most commercial benefit out of it they have imposed quite a few limitations on the usage of this smartphone. For instance, you cannot use the SIM card from any other network carrier on your iPhone. You are only contract bound to use the official network provider. Now, that hardly seems fair isn’t it? What if you come across a service provider that is willing to give you a better data plan and a better call package?
Apple also makes sure that its users are barred from downloading third party applications. So, the users only have the App Store as their option to download applications. And usually these applications are overpriced. You can easily find them on any other platform for free or for a much lower price. Who would not want a solution to this? If money was no object all these would have mattered zilch. But, after purchasing such an expensive phone the last thing you want is to keep spending on it all your life.
Do not get us wrong, your iPhone 5S is worth every penny you spend on it. It is undoubtedly the smartest phone in the market now. The features are unparalleled and as far as the interface is concerned Apple has just outdone itself this time. But, how can you avoid the expense that is benefitting no one but the company? The answer to this is really simple. You go ahead and unlock the iPhone 5S. And you can also jailbreak it if you want to break away from the shackles of Apple completely. As dramatic as that might sound, it is really worth unlocking your iPhone.

So, what are the advantages of un

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