Upasana Mukherjee

creative thinker, Writer, and Blogger in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Howdy, I’m Upasana.

I’m a creative thinker and blogger living in Vancouver, beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Creating rich innovative content, conveying difficult ideas with ease and storytelling is where my passion lies. Helping others achieve their fullest makes me the happiest. Fluency of ideas, detailing and thinking out of the box is my forte.

I love good food, good wine, good music and always up for a good movie. Although I am a literary nerd, I keep myself updated on the latest tech! I always have an appetite for bouncing off new ideas and thoughtful conversations over a cup of coffee!

I believe in simple living and high thinking. Nature appeals to me and inspires me in many ways. You can catch a glimpse of it in my blog.