Upol Ehsan

Epistemically, I reside in the intersection between engineering, computer science and philosophy.

I love creating things, be it software or hardware, and am a holistic coder-designer. I am an Asimov nerd and fell in love with the mind with the Foundation series. I played around with neurons, UAVs, living cyborg grasshoppers, and am trying to solve the neurotypical-autistic bridge using computational models of non-verbal communication.

The world, in all its complexity, presents problems that are multidimensional, whose solutions require a multifaceted approach. It is crucial that our outlooks on life—epistemological and metaphysical—are diverse in nature.

Feel free to reach out to me-- be it for hacking things, transhumanism, or incorporating multies into your verse while maintaining a dope flow. You will be surprised to see how much I enjoy exchanging ideas and thoughts. Life is about human connections, and human potential is the most valuable asset we have. I like to invest in mine.

  • Education
    • B.S Physics-Engineering ; B.A (Hons) Philosophy