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UrHealthBeauty android software allows patients:

• The capability to get prescriptions securely from your Android device directly to your nominated pharmacy

• The ability to track the actual status of the do it again prescription get is by getting notification(s) from your nominated pharmacy

• To review a history of all the medication that has been repeated and the option of re-ordering

• To add reminders for taking their medication

• To read patient information leaflets on a big selection of health conditions

Key features and benefits

My UrHealthBeauty android application is not only an application that allows one to securely do it again your medication directly from your Android device but it also allows the patient to view the status of the do it again prescription through the trip. The application also allows the patient the ability to explore over the counter offers and pharmacy services that are tailored to their pharmacy of choice.

UrHealthBeauty android also allows the user to see what other health services such as hospital, dentists and opticians are in the available within their location such.

The UrHealthBeauty application revolves around the patient and draws in trusted medical information and support content from with a huge collection of patient friendly health articles from within these devices.

To be able to complete the download of the UrHealthBeauty app, please contact your neighborhood pharmacy to check on they can be subscribed to supply the service in which a unique code will be issued to be able to complete registration of the UrHealthBeauty android app: