Eco-friendly company USAgain LLC offers thousands of locations across the country for people interested in recycling their gently used apparel. The company accepts clothes, household textiles, and shoes every day of the year. Recyclers can find a box in their area by using the search function on the company’s website. With each pound of repurposed clothing contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gases, USAgain is fully committed to creating a positive impact on the environment and to the underserved by facilitating the process of recycling apparel and household materials. Beyond its commitment to recycling through its enterprise activities, USAgain works to spread the message of reusing, rewearing, and recycling. The for-profit company reinvests its revenue into the business as well as investing in new ventures that support the company’s vision. USAgain takes its social contributions a step further by supporting charities such as the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital and Project Angel Heart. The company’s mission is to “do well by doing good” through its initiatives and growth. USAgain furthers its commitment to the environment and communities throughout the United States by its partnerships with various associations. Current USAgain memberships include the Missouri Recycling Association, the Colorado Association for Recycling, the Georgia Recycling Coalition, and the Associated Recyclers of Wisconsin. USAgain was founded in 1999 by Janice Bostic, a Virginia Commonwealth University graduate who now serves as President. USAgain’s Chief Executive Officer Mattias Wallander oversees the company’s daily operations. Employing more than 200 people, USAgain has 11 regional offices. To learn more about the company, please visit

Free Prom & Homecoming dresses for Chicago-area high school ladies:
USAgain, a clothes & shoes recycling company, is holding a special event on August 19 at their West Chicago division office.
At the Homecoming Goes Green event, we'll be giving away over 500 like-new and gently-used prom and homecoming dresses we've received during our collection process. Instead of sending these beautiful dresses to be recycled, we though we'd let local high school girls come and take one home!
More details are available on our Facebook page ( where students can reserve a place on the day of the event.