Usher Khan

Medical Assistant and Registered Orthopedic Tech ROT in United States

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Learning leads to mastery — and mastery morphs into motivation that leads to greatness!

Since 2020, Usher Khan has been working as a Medical Assistant. His most recent medical assistantship has been at a local dermatology practice as well as an orthopedic surgery practice. Khan is also a Registered Orthopedic Tech (ROT).

Usher Khan is a pre-med aspiring physician with an unwavering passion for studying and teaching medicine. Khan currently maintains a Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience, which set the stage for his career in the medical field. While pursuing his education, Khan has worked as a science tutor. Overall,the aspiring physician has found tutoring to be fulfilling. In the future, he hopes to take that foundation even further as a teaching physician. An active volunteer, Khan enjoys any opportunity to take a hands-on approach in giving back to his community. Over the years, he has volunteered at a local mosque and in a hospital emergency department. Khan is even considering participating in a program that teaches basic health and medicine concepts to disadvantaged communities. He cites his passion for helping others and his devotion to global health with inspiring this particular professional goalof his.