Utkarsh Srivastava

Software Engineer, Designer, and Life Coach in New York

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Hi, I’m Utkarsh. I have 10+ years of software industry experience and have a penchant for design, Math and traveling.

3 ideas implemented as a business unit
- Best Idea Award : A.I in Automobiles: MotoBuddy (Wipro Technologies, 2012)
-Auto Memory optimizer (Wipro Technologies, 2013)
- B key accessibility. (Comcast. 2016)

3 Test Scores :
-GRE : 800+470
-E-litmus: >99 percentile
-NIIT nation-wide Aptitude Test: top 1 percentile

2 Publications:
-Multi-List Database
-Multi-level Classification

4 Languages :
-Tamizh(limited proficiency)
Fun fact : I can read most major scripts of the world. Korean, Arabic, Cyrillic (Russian+), Devnagari ( Hindi+), Latin, Greek etc.

- Teaching (Child Relief and You)

Other Honors & Awards :
-National Math Olympiad
-member of MENSA

Tennis, Archery, ice skating, keyboard, dancing and kick boxing
Played cricket at inter-school level and tennis at district level.

  • Work
    • Bloomberg
  • Education
    • State University Of New York