Hi, my name is Vachagan

Planet Earth

I'm a software engineer from Armenia.

I enjoy creating software, mostly some routine task that I consider to automate or optimize, and sometimes just for fun stuff...

I keep learning new technologies/frameworks and aim to apply them in my projects, predominantly open source.

Facts about me

I love technology, science and innovation.

I invest in Bitcoin, and few other blockchain based prjoects.

I still run my 7xGPU mining rig just for fun.

Aside from programming I play music.

I have GoPro camera that I didnt used yet.

I collect music and wallpapers since the day i've got a computer.

I'm an Ingress agent and a STAR-WARS fan.


If you're interested in projects i'm workin on now please contact me using my email "vachagan.balayan@gmail.com"


If its Ingress brought you here then find me if you happen to be in Armenia. Agent @vach will be glad to share a cup of gorgeous Armenian wine with you :)