Vaclav Kirsner

Founder of a womens health diagnostic company in Laporte, Colorado

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I am Founder of a women's health diagnostic company at bioZhena Corporation, having developed a new medtech platform, and currently I live in Laporte in northern Colorado.

My focus is on bioZhena's capital formation, both financial and human.

I am also committed to daily recreational cycling (sometimes with my daughter), now that my son no longer takes me to the gym. In my younger years I loved the outdoors.

More about me (and my professional obsession) can be gleaned from the and much more from the About page of bioZhena's Weblog (at ).

For the quickest of quick introductions to the said "my professional obsession" see this GIF: - showing how we detect the fertile window of mere 3 days when pregnancy can be conceived (yes only 3 days!), and the GIF hints at more, much more.

For a deeper insight, you can click the button above to visit my and bioZhena's mission page. Know that the Zhena after the lower case bio means Woman.

If you’d like to get in touch for a professional reason, please review my LinkedIn profile, and email me at vaclav AT biozhena DOT com .

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