Valdirene Ruston

Interpreter, Small Business Owner, and Mother in Kingston upon Thames, United Kingdom

As a freelance voice-over artist and interpreter, I have the great opportunity to use my language skills of Portuguese, Spanish, and English. I am a creative wordsmith with an accomplished ten-year background in Radio Production. I believe my flair for communication is deeply embedded in my artistic DNA, and exercised through having lived across 3 continents & becoming absorbed in their different cultures.

I find motivation in my passions for social change, entrepreneurship and philanthropy, in particular with issues surrounding Women and families. These interests are vital personal stimuli and are responsible for my strong entrepreneurial appetite. I am constantly looking for ways to develop myself and others. I believe I have a knack for recognising the strengths that the people around me possess and I love to encourage their development - a skill I have used time and again in my charitable work with street children in Rio de Janeiro, through my favourite charity, TASK Brasil Trust.

I actively seek opportunities to use creative means, as well as my sense of humour to inspire and enrich the lives of others.