Valentín Muro

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hi! My name is Valentín.

I’m 25 years old and I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I study Philosophy at the University of Buenos Aires (UBA) and I've been working with computers for almost ten years.

I'm an enthusiast on topics that range from evolutionary biology, neuroscience, music and films to web development, user experience and the impact of technology in our lives. As a philosopher/logician I'm mostly interested in exploring the limits of artificial intelligence and the philosophical implications of technological developments.

During 2012/2013 I worked as a full time researcher at conectar Lab., a government funded media lab that focused on technology and education.

I co-founded many, many endeavors and in late 2012, along a group of extraordinarily talented friends, I started Wazzabi, a sort of laboratory for ideas and a project incubator. We focus on spreading the ideas behind open knowledge and open culture, hacking, open source hardware and software, and the values of the hacker ethic in general.

In 2013 I gave a TEDx talk on the importance of understanding the way things work, and in early 2014 I started the Hackumentary, an open source documentary on the culture of making and doing around the world.

  • Work
    • Researcher
  • Education
    • Philosophy at Universidad de Buenos Aires