Valerie Williamson

Dr Val Williamson's non-fiction has been published in a range of magazines, from Essentials to Mensa Magazine, and also in several newspapers in the North West of England. Val has a PhD in Popular Culture and has contributed chapters to academic books such as Judging a Book by its Cover and Relocating Britishness, as well as short fiction to anthologies, such as Richard and Judy's Winning Stories. Other short fiction for adults and children has been published in Twinkle comic, Back Street Heroes, Secrets, Loving, My Weekly and broadcast on various BBC North West Radio stations. Now retired from academic teaching, she travels extensively and writes illustrated articles about her trips to Australia and New Zealand and beyond. (This photo taken near Admiral's Arch, Kangaroo Island, South Australia). Val has been Feature Writer and Topic Editor for Film School, and Topic Editor for Film Festivals and Video/TV Technology at Suite, and has an eclectic blog.

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