Valerie Penney

Quality and Quantity of Life Explorer, Volunteer, and Consultant in Richmond, Kentucky

Valerie's occupations include Wife, Daughter, Business Owner, Sales and Sales Training Professional, Life and Business Coach, Volunteer, Raw Foods Enthusiast, Speaker, Seminar Facilitator, Entrepreneur, Traveler, Runner, Painter, Gardener, Student, Educator.

Things she loves: (not at all in order) learning. giving. creating. dreaming. flying. eating. listening. praying. loving. empowering. paddling. traveling. discovering. reading. fire-eating.

Valerie is the organizer of a 987 Member Woman’s Fun/Business Social Network in Lexington, KY.

Some of Valerie Penney's past involvements include: Volunteer Executive Director, STANDUP FOR KIDS - Miami, Assistant Executive Director, Planting Peace; Volunteer Coordinator, Angel’s Pediatric Heart House, Fire Team - Unleash The Power Within Firewalk, Anthony Robbins Senior Leadership Team

Valerie Penney has been in a public speaking and teaching school from the age of 10. After high school, she volunteered by teaching and supporting people in the local community. She supported herself via several jobs including event coordinator for a developmental disabilities facility, insurance sales, cleaning, landscaping, and many other part-time jobs. From there, Valerie excelled in sales and management and went on to become a top-level executive in more than one company. An entrepreneur at heart, Valerie has empowered, developed and coached leaders in several industries.

Valerie thoroughly enjoys making new connections. Go ahead and say hello!

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