Vance Alford

Customer Aquistion in Raleigh, North Carolina

I am recognized in the industry for maintaining my lead and advertising agency over a span of 25 years.

For three decades, I have submerged myself in the study and love of advertising, customer acquisition, and all-things marketing.

I utilize my unique ability to identify subtle quirks and over-looked strengths hidden within products and services.

Cutting Edge Opportunities magazine once referred to me as "The Man With Million Dollar Ideas."

The Good Life magazine headlined with the question: "Why is Vance Alford Still Around?"

To date, I have spoken at gatherings, seminars, and conventions in 17 states, including Bermuda, Germany, and Japan.

As a hands-on consultant, I have seen how getting in the trenches with people is the key to a successful team effort-- and big profits.

Through my career, I have demonstrated my marketing knowledge by personally serving over 6,000 new friends.

I have created advertising campaigns for over 100 companies, improving their bottom line.

The AD Club (subdivision) offers discount advertising and high-quality, surveyed sales leads At its peak, The AD Club serviced over 1,000 customers monthly buying its signature products such as Tru-Prospects and Fresh-Brewed Leads.

If you need a marketing hook, I create those hooks. If you already have a hook you are satisfied with, give me a shot at making it sharper. 919-524-4796

  • Education
    • University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill Business Admin.
    • ECPI University - Paralegal