Vance Fitzgerald

Global TAC Analytics in Raleigh, North Carolina

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I identify business opportunities through research & data analysis. I have worked with, worked for and led hundreds of experienced coders, developers, people managers, directors, and VP's. Every single individual in both the employer and employee group has taught me something about myself that has improved me. I have consulted for and pushed along incubator level start-ups for young entrepreneurs, led strategic and operational planning sessions for Cisco, and have evaluated facilities and previewed products for Nike. I've directly managed hundreds of employees with IQ's ranging from 80 to 180, and I have learned from every single one of them. I have hired, fired, mentored, disciplined and rewarded them along the way. I have worked directly with 1000's of demanding customers in post-sales support. I have streamlined manufacturing facilities. I have made pre-sales cold calls. I have done extensive cost and capacity data analysis focused on right / in / outsourcing across multiple industries. I have prepared for, participated in, and passed audits ranging from OSHA inspections, ISO, TL9000, and JD Powers. I have designed the flow of mobile apps and developed websites, and then I've optimized them for search engines. I have advised business owners on how, when, where, and why to get involved with or avoid various social media avenues. I have delivered presentations to individual contributors, line managers, business owners, senior directors and Executive VP's - and I treat every one of them with equal respect. I love to analyze bleeding edge technical innovation to understand the potential sociological impacts. I am talented at envisioning how the merger of multiple innovations will play out in combination, and I study how such mergers will create opportunity for new business models. Whether I am at work or playing sports - I love to surround myself with a team of people that work efficiently, and I love to compete against teams that believe their team is better than mine. I am a workaholic, but I bottle all of that up enough to enjoy playing some hoops myself and coaching my kids.