Vandesh Jajoo

Freelancer, Trainer, and Tech Consultant in Delhi, India

A deep thinker driven by creativity and challenges.

Being an engineer and a technology freak, I like to get into the "hows" and "whys" of things. Ever ready to increase my social network. I like to follow my heart for doing things (ofcourse, with a few suggestions here and there from the brain!). Constantly try to do things with a make-a-difference attitude.

Freethinker | Daydreamer | Explorer | Techie-geek | Foodie | INFP | Sarcastic-soul | Self-acclaimed-Philosopher | Psychology-lover | Poet | Real-life-actor | Movie-nerd | Biking-freak | Potterhead | Couchsurfer | Chelsea-for-life | Secretive social-worker | Procrastination-expert | Revolutionary-bathroom-singer | Too-lazy-for-a-haicut!

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Engineering (Computers)