Vanessa Valentina Fleig

copywriter in Frankfurt, Germany

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I am a bilingual copywriter (english and german) currently working at Young & Rubicam, Frankfurt.

Recently I worked at BUTTER Berlin and Zum Goldenen Hirschen, Hamburg.

Gladly I took a wild inspiring ride during my education years with Miami Ad School, the world's most awarded top advertising school, located all over the world. I've spent those years in Hamburg, Berlin and Miami.

I am thrilled with crafting sculptures out of words. My goal is to create an instant emotional connection with whoever's eye gently or brutally touches the page. I want the echo of my message to carry on and on and strike again.

Unexpectedly. Mind-blowingly. Heart-rippingly.

  • Work
    • Young & Rubicam
  • Education
    • Miami Ad School