Vanessa Shelton

Greensboro, North Carolina

Vanessa Shelton

Greensboro, North Carolina

Who I am:

Knowledgeable. Quirky. Curious. Entrepreneurial. Caring. Experienced. Understanding. Creative. Determined. Sensitive. Organized. Efficient. Happy.

What I do:
Advise - how to start, organize and grow a business
Create - websites, newsletters, articles, campaigns and great copy
Support - your music, your business, your dreams and ideas
Promote - get the right eyes looking at, interested in, and ready for what you have to offer

Why? Because I believe that:

Everyone needs and deserves some security and control in their life

Purpose and happiness come from doing something you believe in

Almost any goal is reachable when you have the right support

And because it's fun and rewarding to see clients succeed

Need some help? Want to know more? Interested in collaboration? Let's talk.

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