Vanessa Jose

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I love to be outside. I'm much happier in the sun Like the ocean, both beautiful and dangerous. We are meant to express how we feel about life. It's like breathing: Inhale the experiences of life, exhale how you fear about them.

I got a moody fixation into writing and reading. I am a great great singer on our so called Bathroom ,where I used to stay most of the time. I don't like to complicate things around me, I want it all well-aligned. I am pretty much weird as most human beings are. It's says "biography area" but hell I got more to write so if YOU want to know more about a lot of dots to connect with me just check it out below and click my other links....merci beaucoup' ¬ mer-sē' bō-kOO'.

  • Work
    • United Arab Emirates
  • Education
    • Adamson University
    • Informatics International School