Vanessa del Rio

Actor, Photographer, and Small Business Owner in New York

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Hi Darlings

Yes, its Me, Vanessa del Rio, your Mistress of Masturbatory Memories!
Just in case you don’t know me.

I started in the sex movie biz back in 1974 when the sexual revolution was in full swing, with films like China Doll, Babylon Pink, The Filthy Rich, Co-Ed Fever, Dracula Exotica, Viva Vanessa, and Deep Inside Vanessa. It’s said that I was the first ethnic film star, the woman to crash the XXX color barrier, the inventor of the DP (double penetration, my dears), and the greatest fellatrice of all time. Which is dick sucking to you & me. I’m so glad to have been a part of the ’70s.

Ahhh the 70's…Sex, Drugs, Rock-n-Roll & Disco (I’ve never been one to shy away from admitting I am/was a hedonist!) In those days the adult entertainment biz was just on the verge of becoming big business and we still had the freedom to live as wild as we wanted, below the radar of society. I started doing ‘sexy’ in 1972 as a drink-hustling barmaid on Wall Street (though I never liked the hustle much; preferred to have fun with my customers). I then went on to go-go dancing, and plunged headlong into the seamy, steamy world of Times Square, aka ‘The Duce’, as it was affectionately called back in the day before Disney took over!

I am a self-taught web-mistress and like to keep in close contact with my fan-friends via my website & social media sites. I have a wicked sense of humor (so modest) and often tweet, share, post sexy stuff, silly corny jokes, and inspirational messages, & to tell you about what I’m currently doing.
I’m still a very confident and exuberantly sexual woman—working all those years in the sex biz seems to have rubbed off—and very interested in close contact with my fans.

I'm also now offering most of my Vanessa del Rio Memorabilia for sale, the personal items, magazines, photos, and tributes I have collected over the years. I figure my legacy belongs to my Fans, who have supported me for so many wonderful sex-filled years.
THANK YOU for being with me for so many years! Now CUM play with me, Sweetmeats, tell me how much you like hearing My Mundane Mutterings! LOFLAMAP

Love, Lust, Kisses!
Vanessa del Rio