Vanessa R. Altidor

Philadelphia, Pa.

Vanessa R. Altidor is interested in holistic and whole hearted living. She believes that we live better lives and become better people by healing from the inside out. She is a Temple University graduate with her Bachelors in Public Health. She has experience in subject areas including HIV/STD’s, Healthy Lifestyles, Nutrition, Diabetes, Christian Studies and Self Esteem. Outside of being a Health Educator, she is a Co-Host for local Philadelphia television show “The HYPE!” and a performer.

Growing up as one of 6 children, Vanessa R. Altidor used the arts as medication. “I can remember literally locking myself in the bathroom of our cramp three bedroom row home. I would sit on the floor under the sky window and just write for hours. I have some very timid and introverted characteristics but when it comes to writing I’ve always felt freedom and power.” Vanessa sings, writes and uses whatever artistic medium neccesary to express herself. She says “I’ve never really wanted to be a performer. Because before I impact anyone with my art I want to impact and reach myself. If I feel it, I believe that someone else will too. And if no one else does, it healing me is enough. ”

Vanessa’s favorite color is red, loves lasagna, hates when people forget the “R.” in her name and has considered becoming a vegetarian multiple times but then remembers how much she loves bacon.

  • Work
    • Public Health Management Corporation
  • Education
    • Temple University