vanessa sicotte

Montréal, Qc, Canada

My name is Vanessa Sicotte. I am just a girl with an unashamed passion for Décor. I am also creator behind Damask & Dentelle, a Montréal based web directory & blog for all things decor. I am also a regular contributor for I am also the hostess of "Sauvez les Meubles" (Save the Furniture) airing weekly on Canal Vie in Québec.

Why the name Damask & Dentelle? I had this idea in the middle of the night while I was toying and immediately rejecting ideas of names that were coming to me: Deco Montréal, All about Décor, the Décor book…

Damask & Dentelle sounds poetic and is carrying in its name paradoxes of decoration that I love. Damask is a very strong print, often seen on curtain fabrics in velour, almost masculine in essence. Recently, we have also seen it on numerous wallpapers. Dentelle (“lace” in French) in opposition is fragile, delicate and feminine. A combination of French and English were also symbolic of the culture and the great country we live in.

Thinking about it... I guess it was a reflection on everything I am too.

Nice to meet you. xox


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