Vanilla Weeds


The Art of Living Together

Co-founded & Co-hosted by:
Dayu Dwirani - Indonesia
Mia Boyle - USA
Natalia Blagoeva - Switzerland

About the Podcast

Today, we perceive weeds as valueless.

So, we destroy them.

Similarly, we see value in grooming humans to think alike.

We claim to appreciate diversity, but we live in bubbles, scared of the messiness and lack of control over the “wild field” full of diverse opinions and values.

We also take a “vanilla approach” to how we show up in the world. We show the beauty but hide the messiness in our heads and lives.

This podcast of Dayu Dwirani, Mia Boyle, and Natalia Blagoeva ventures beyond right and wrong into the unknown, yet familiar space, from where we can create a life worth living.


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SEASON 2 on Spotify & Apple Podcasts

S2-E3 | Men and Women with Andrew MacDonald
S2-E2 | The Art of Waking Up with Erin Reese
S2-E1 | What We Do Matters

SEASON 1 on Spotify & Apple Podcasts

S1-E9 | Self Censorship
S1-E8 | Social Media
S1-E7 | Artificial Intelligence
S1-E6 | Beauty
S1-E5 | Art As Life with Gino Yevdjevich
S1-E4 | Mental Health - The Causes and The Cure
S1-E3 | Polarization
S1-E2| Women's Empowerment
S1-E1 | What is ‘Ours’ To Do

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