Van Williams

Coming out of the suburbs of the Metro NY/NJ area, Van Williams (born Andrew William Van Buskirk) has been involved in the arts since his conception. With his mother being a trained pianist and former member of the Smith College Smithereens, Van met music as early as several weeks old (home videos show his mom singing to him as an infant).

As he grew older, Van started to discover, and subsequently fell in love with, hip hop music and, eventually, culture. With his earliest exposures being to Lauryn Hill, OutKast, and Eminem, Van was surely getting a nice and thorough education.

As he grew older, Van discovered his own voice and talent for writing, eventually starting a band with friends Kolis (Nick Juliano) and Richard Spitaletta. Despite the band eventually breaking up, Van continued to write and work on solo material. After realizing the alternative scene wasn't for him, he began writing raps, bringing back the lyrical style he had always loved.

In February 2011, after an unsuccessful first semester at Muhlenberg College, Van was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and was started on medications immediately. It remains to this day the most pivotal moment in his life. A mere two months after the diagnosis, Van was interviewing for jobs and writing the best music he had ever written.

Over a year later, Van finally brings his new-age style hip hop to the table, and proves to be a force to be reckoned with. Expect big things to come from this powerhouse of a lyricist.