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Lucknow famously called as the ‘City of Nawabs’ is appreciated by historians for its rich past, collection of palaces, lovely gardens and elegantly designed doors reflecting rich history of Nawabi culture and tradition.

Apart from its attractions, the lip smacking Lucknawi kebabs known to tantalize everyone's taste bud across long generations. As a significant city and capital of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow is perfectlynetworked by road, rail and air connecting most of the Indian cities.

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Not only the road connectivity is good, Lucknow is easily accessible by railways and airways too. The primary station is the Lucknow Railway Station at Charbagh that links Lucknow with rest of India with a decent number of superfast trains. There are also Local trains for passengers commuting from nearby cities plying to and from Lucknow. Various railway stations such as Alamnagar, Gomti Nagar, Aishbagh junction etc. caters the city as well.

Lucknow Airport is situated at a distance away from the city centre. There are flights of almost all domestic airlines from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Bangalore, Patna and other important cities serving Lucknow on daily basis. So, Lucknow can be easily accessed by air from anywhere in India. But yes, flights are usually expensive compared to buses or trains!

Some of the renowned tourist attractions in Lucknow:

1.Bara Imambara:This place is well-known for architecture marvel, the incredible maze puzzle (Bhulbulaiya).

2.Lucknow Zoo:This is considered as one of the city’s main tourist attractions. Visited by locals and outsiders very frequently, this zoo has been influential in educating Lucknow’s masses about the significance of the environment and conserving wildlife.

3.Hazratganj:The major shopping destination bustling since many years in streets of Lucknow. Shoppers will find chikan cloth, hand embroidery, sarees, local stuff and much more.