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Zack Franklin is an American entrepreneur and digital marketer based in Shenzhen, China and originally from Detroit, Michigan. Currently, Zack is CEO of AMZKungfu, Inc. and the CMO of VapeEze Inc. He has sold more than 8 Figures on Amazon across dozens of categories and now runs several Saas products focused on helping Amazon sellers that want to rapidly scale their business. He has created and trained marketing teams for some of the largest Amazon companies in Shenzhen and has spoken at more than 80 Amazon events in China, and many international events such as Affiliate World Conferences, EcomHub Summit, ScaleForEtail, Cross Border Summit, and Global Sources. Zack now is bringing his ecommerce expertise to vaping, with a mission to make vaping better for the 35 million vapers around the world with a line of innovative vaping hardware and E-Liquids.