Healthy Hemp Oil

What is Hemp? Hemp is a variety of flowing plant from the Cannabis family. It has 2 major components – one is known as CBD and the other is known as THC. THC is the most abundant element and is followed by CBD.

There is abundant yet conflicting information available on this subject. Let us look at some facts which will help clear confusion.

• Industrial hemp is especially cultivated to facilitate production of hemp oil which is high in CBD and low in THC.

• The extraction of hemp oil involves a process by which fatty acids are removed from plant (industrial hemp) stalks. This extract has high concentrations of CBD in it. But THC is negligible.

• Hemp oil is legally safe because it does not have THC concentration. THC is known to give its users a ‘high’ and is thus, classified as intoxicating drug across the world. In simple words, hemp oil does not have any psychoactive properties. CBD in hemp oil cannot give a ‘high’.

• Hemp oil is considered healthy because it has numerous benefits.

o Healthy hemp oil can be used as a substitute to petroleum in body care products. It can also be used directly on skin to treat cracks or dryness.
o Healthy hemp oil is being successfully used in hair products. It helps reduce hair loss and make blood circulation better.
o Healthy hemp oil can help reduce anxiety as well as inflammation. It is clearly beneficial to patients suffering from Arthritis and multiple sclerosis.
o Healthy hemp oil has CBD which has anti oxidant properties.
o Healthy hemp oil has perfect amount of Omega 6 and Omega 3. But its benefits as a product in daily diet are still a subject matter of research.

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