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At Vapingjudge we pride ourselves on reviewing the high quality vaporizer. They are fully analysed by our team of professional chemists, they taste great and offer a safer alternative to tobacco. Not only can you use them anywhere – they don’t burn tobacco, which means there is no smoke, smell or stains.

Vapingjudge review on complete range of vaporizer, batteries, chargers and accessories which offer great value for money. We review everything for your vaping needs.

Vaporizer with the potential to help smokers quit, have great public health benefits. Vapingjudge was established with the aim to bring the honest review to the high street consumer in an open and informative environment. All our reviews are done by highly experienced vapers who welcome the chance to converse with new and experienced vapers about anything e-cig related- from how to stay away from cigarettes to high end Mods to legislation to e-cig lobbying campaigns.