Georgios Vardaxoglou

UK and Greece

I am a human being!! Not bad for finding it out after 30 years, ah? My passion is to inspire innovation in challenging contexts, to lead the unfolding of innovative entrepreneurial activities, and to build strategic partnerships. Since 2002, I have conducted extensive work in evaluating and restructuring businesses and research organizations, and I have undertaken a number of roles which include work for Motorola, the Economic and Social Research (ESRC), and the Northern Leadership Academy. In 2011, I undertook a research project at the INTRACOM Group of companies which aimed to develop innovative activities and strategic partnerships within the area of gaming. Workwise, I am a member of the Centre for Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (C-TIE at the University of Leeds, UK) and I work as an Innovation Consultant and as a Research Fellow. I enjoy intercontinental trips and sailing (in a racing mode).

  • Education
    • University of Leeds