Eric Vardeman

well rounded nerd in Tulsa, Oklahoma

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Child of the 80's. IT Professional. Known to play guitar on occasion. Olympic enthusiast. Christmas nut. Boomer Sooner. You can follow me on Twitter (link below). I don't usually say much but when I do it's fairly unimportant. Or dumb. Or both.

I'm the founder and President of the Tulsa Curling Club (yes the Olympic sport). Click the button above to go to our website and find out all about us.

I curate several 80's themed playlists on Spotify. Follow the link below to discover how awesome they are.

I'm an on-again-off-again contributor to a site called Retro Ramblings that's dedicated to all things 80's. Last year, I wrote a weekly column called "Music Monday" where I worked through the weekly top 40 charts for 1983 (the 80's best year, musically IMO). It can be found by following the Wordpress link below.

Aaand finally...I've been known to record music on occasion. You can sample that if you follow the Soundcloud link below.