Christos Vareloglou

Athens, Greece

My name is Christos Vareloglou and I am a Greek Social Media Rookie. I am 23 years old and the last 2.5 years i am pretty engaged with Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Business in general. Till the September of 2011, i had been working as an Intern for Atcom, one of the leading greek digital agencies . As part of my internship, i started a project for Mindworks Interactive (Atcom's Business unit for Digital Marketing). The goal was to start blogging about social media and the basic features of online marketing so as to educate some of our clients and part of the market. During my internship i had the chance to obtain some strong Managerial Skills while learning how to cooperate in a complex and fast moving enviroment.I took part in some great projects for Fortune 500 clients/ leading Greek companies such as Vodafone Greece and Aegean Airlines and in different areas such as content management for Social Media (Business Facebook Pages & twitter accounts), as well as Search Marketing (with a main focus on SEO).

In January of 2011, i moved to France in order to continue my studies by participating in an Erasmus exchange programme. During this time and after my return to Greece and along with my fulfilling my military obligations, i am still engaged in updating the blog which has become part of the company's training material to clients.

I am a hard working and consistent person and my "moto" in life is "Struggle for learning every day, like its your last day".

Working in digital and advertising marketing sector is my goal and what i really want to do.

It is a fact that a Strategy, which combines SEO and Social Media, is the ideal key to success. From my experience, I would claim that as far as the online marketing is concerned, the best Internet marketing tool is your content. If you provide original, high quality content, people will naturally talk about you. They will visit your site, and even recommend it to their friends. Content is the best weapon on the Web.

Now that the Internet has made it easier than ever for marketers at software companies to directly communicate with consumers and target audiences, it's imperative that they dramatically alter their PR and marketing strategy to maximize the effectiveness of the direct consumer- communication channel.A good marketing technique is one part of the business that is absolutely essential to its success.

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    • SEO Junior Specialist
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    • Bachelor