Danellys Vargas

New York

Danellys Vargas

New York


My name is Danellys Vargas, I am currently 19 years of age. I attended Guilford high School in Guilford, CT. I want to major in Nutrition or become a dental Hygienists. i am attending The CUNY Start program .

School-Related: Guilford High School

Clubs: The Best Friends club

Sports: Field Hockey

course: I took two classes that was to help teach autistic kids

Community Service:

I volunteered at the animal shelter

I helped raise money for people who have cancer

I volunteered at the Guilford Library

I volunteered at the ABC Family foundation in Guilford

I volunteered for a church donation at Little Marcia

I volunteered to help during Thanksgiving sharing and Christmas sharing


I babysat

I am currently working at Yankee Stadium (Jet service)

Skills: customer service skills, patience, organization, experience, responsibility, teamwork, managing time.


During my free time I love to spend time with my family. I try to workout every night with sundays as my day off. I also love reading books/nook.