Jake Varghese

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Born in Perumbavoor, Ernakulam (Kerala State) in the great Socialist Secular Democratic Republic of India into a middle-class Syrian Christian family. Schooled in Palakkad of erstwhile Malabar province of British India and in Madras Loyola College of the French Jesuits. Prayed in Malayalam and Syrian to the god and his merciful son for many years. Finally had the revelation/enlightening quite like Budha that there is none in the sky, if you exclude astronauts in International Space Station that is. Decided to be an atheist atlest until the scientists researching 'God Element' prove otherwise. Is a card carrying member of the ever growing global community of unemployed youth.

Self proclaimed liberal democrat, pacifist, feminist, environmentalist and overall good guy who wants to save humanity from peril.

  • Work
    • Ambit Pragma Advisors LLP
  • Education
    • St Marys Orthodox School
    • Holy Trinity School
    • National Institute of Financial Management