Varg Narseth


My name is Varg. I have a healthy obsession with locks and digital security. I like to know how things work and why they work. I am a big fan of EDM (electronic dance music) and a variety of metal genres. I am currently studying music theory on my own and practicing in FL studio 11 to become a producer. I’d like for one day, a song of mine, to make it into the club scene. I love creating art both physically and digitally. Photoshop is my go to program. I heavily engage in competitive video games. I love Battlefield 4 rounds with close friends on comms. Cooking is therapeutic for me and I have become fairly skilled in the kitchen. I am a lover of technology and thus, have an insatiable technolust. I am also training to be a pokemon master.

  • Work
    • Team Rocket Warehouse
  • Education
    • Pokemon Academy of Kanto 2004