Jeremy Vargo

It is my person goal to be a significant contributor to my future organization and continuously contribute my knowledge as a marketer. To help me reach this goal it important to understand how to continuously improve myself and the positive aspects that allows me to conduct business on a regular basis. From a personal perspective my education has contributed greatly in addition to having the opportunity to work with great leaders. During my attendance at Judson University it was a great privilege to attend the leadership forum each year. Every year Judson University invites a world leader to speak to the students. During my attendance leaders President Bush and Gorbachov gave inspiration speeches that gave me a leg up when thinking about how to apply myself in a business environment. When one is amerced in an environment of great leadership then that individual's behavior is altered. These experiences have given me a new perspective on what leadership is and what one must do to become a contributing factor in many regards that do not all include leadership.