Nicole Bates

Director in Dubai - United Arab Emirates

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Following is the list of leading Networking Companies in Dubai which provides the area where you can assist:

Personal Area Network(PAN): Printers, PDAs or iPods, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Peer-to-Peer Network, Campus Area Network (CAN), Intranet/Extranet, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Client/Server Network, Global Area Network (GAN), Firewall, Virus Protection, Intrusion Detection and Protection, Information Security Management

Following are some of the benefits which these companies offer to their customer when they choose them as their service provider:

Decreased response time (onsite and offsite), Discounted Rates, No added rate premiums, monthly IT planning meetings, Multi-level SLAs, Detailed project logs, MON – Remote Monitoring Service

Some examples of IT Networking Companies in Dubai:

Networking - Basic connectivity such as mobile internet and wired, Data Processing - Computing infrastructure such as data processing which is allowed by cloud computing to be scaled down and up, Data storage - Data storage includes databases and cloud storage, Content and Media - Platforms for sharing information and media such as a content management system or blogging platform, Knowledge Management - Knowledge Management functions such as document management tools, User Devices - Management of a fleet of ends user devices such as tablets, laptops, and phones, Information Security - Services for Information Security such as vulnerability management platform or intrusion services, Resilience - Infrastructure services that improve an organization's resilience to stresses such as disasters and information security. For example- a hot site or a data backup.

Features of these Networking Companies in Dubai:

Complete networking, Design implementation and upgrading, Network security, Cloud computing and storage, Disaster recovery, the solving problem before they arise, Remote monitoring, Server virtualization, Secure wireless networking