Varna Sri Raman

Serial Entrepreneur in Delhi, India

Varna Sri Raman

Serial Entrepreneur in Delhi, India

Founder, IdeaLog Works

IdeaLog Works is an umbrella firm that takes the evidence-based approach to new ventures. We find problems that need solving and build solutions that stick.

1.Pinpoint Ventures

Pinpoint Ventures focuses on extending high-quality advisory, capacity building and support to development sector organisations focusing on research and evidence.

2. ImpactMojo

We offer real-world insight, problem framing training and the ability to think-through. If you'd like to learn to train your mind to think rigorously & be able to separate data from a point of view, impact mojo is for you!

3.StoryWell Books

StoryWell Books is on a mission to build community libraries in Delhi slums. We create, curate, publish and distribute low-cost child-centric books with an inclusive, Indian and sensitive aesthetic.

4.Make It Pop.Online

Make It Pop.Online is a full service digital-media agency based in Delhi. We focus on making YOUR causes heard. We help all sorts of communities succeed online.

5. Photo Wandering

PhotoWandering is a travel photography firm. We offer art-prints for your home and work walls, from real-world travel adventures.

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    • IdeaLog Works
  • Education
    • BA, MA, LLM, MLE, MPhil, PhD