Praveen Varshney

Vancouver, British Columbia

Everyday's a blessing and a day of giving many thanks for everything.Two words you'll never hear me say or use " hate " and " owe ". If you're interested in knowing why, just ask me sometime!Pet peeve - when someone says "to be honest..." which implies everything they've been saying until then has been dishonest!In my business, we have 2 expressions or philosophies we use:" You can't treat your investors money like your have to treat it better than your own. "" If you focus on making money for the people around you (your fellow investors & shareholders), by default since we're big shareholders, we'll do fine as well. "The 6 things my kids say to me as they leave for school in the mornings:1. Make it the best day possible!2. Have fun!3. Smile & laugh often!4. Learn people's names & use them often.5. Always buy real estate.6. People won't remember what you said but they'll remember how you made them feel!

  • Work
    • Mogo
  • Education
    • Magee Secondary School
    • Killarney Secondary School
    • University of British Columbia