Varun Thapar

Director and Small Business Owner in India

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Varun Thapar, son of Vikram Thapar is an entrepreneur and Director of KCT Coal Sales, Flagship Company of KCT Group of Companies. He is also the founder of Indicon Logistics, the country’s leading manufacturer and container Logistics Company. Having completed his education from Brown University where he double majored in European History and Economics, USA and a successful stint in Exeter Group in Cambridge, MA, Varun Thapar’s KCT voyage began, when decided to join his family business in 2008. At present, he deals with the expansion and diversification of the business group. He has been the strength behind the establishment of Indicon Enterprises Ltd and serves as the Managing Director of the company. He is actively involved with the current operations and the business development of this company. He belongs to the fourth generation of the business family and is the great grandson of Karam Chand Thapar, the founder of the Thapar Group of Companies. His father, Mr. Vikram Thapar, is the Vice Chairman and Joint Managing Director of Karam Chand Thapar & Bros. (Coal Sales).

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