varun sharma

I take life as it comes. Like to humor people and friends. Few things that I take very seriously in life are my; Family, Job and Life!!

I can do wonderful things with not so great gadgets, including cameras... which implies that I think I am decent photographer :)

I hate fiction novels, phoney people, surprises, practical pranks and birthday bumps. I love to read politics and financial markets. I can read about markets for days and weeks together, without complaining. Also - I can watch TV for hours without any concrete motive or takeaway :)

I have used BB, iOS, Android and WindowsPhone for considerable amount of time and still it's impossible for me to pick my fav. I rate all 4 top class!!

I am also a discoverer - who is still trying to find the purpose in his life. School, college, girlfriends, booze, fights, travel, job, family and frenz is all fine - but why am I here...??... I have walked on this earth for almost 3 decades trying to find answer for last 10years or so... it might be repulsive trait but I shall try and see how far this search can take me.

I aspire to read Bhagvad Gita, climb Mt. Everest, visit Lahore (my ancestry roots), learn some martial art, take a dip in Mansarovar lake and write a book related to my profession PLUS few more things!!

I might be right or maybe wrong - and yet LIFE IS A LESSON, YOU LEARN IT WHEN YOU ARE THROUGH!!