Varun Singh


I think... and quite alot! Maybe one of those who like to know everything about everything.

Achievements (I think) have been about making a positive contribution in shaping lives of of more than 500 people in last 4 years and being loved by all of them! When somebody's father calls you up to express gratitude (and invites you for a drink)... you feel blessed anyway. :)

A true Aquarian, they say! Utopian, idealist, friends with everyone, thinker, churn out business ideas at the rate of 2 per week (if I don't put efforts!) etc.

Movies, reading and music occupy alot of (not 'all the...') space in my life. In the past I have been called,

"A walkman" - for my love of music

"A Walking encyclopedia" - for the knowledge that i gather from reading. (friends exaggerated a bit!)

"A Grammar Nazi" - for my liking to use the language as it should.

Not a fan of the statement - "you should have a long term plan in life." (everybody is not designed to have it!)

Have thoughts about how organizations handle people and people development.

Like to contribute in anything positive being done.

Having interacted with many clients I thought - A refined sales pitch should be, "you ask me to sell it to you, I might not be able to. You ask me if we could do the job, we surely could!"