Vashisht Bhatt

Vashisht Bhatt

I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Accounting and Finance by means of a fully funded scholarship of £15,500 by the University of Exeter Business School.

My primary interests are in:
* Finance,
* Firm Valuation - particularly private companies,
* Innovative Businesses,
* Ethically minded, sustainable enterprises,
* How a start-up grows to be a MNC,
* Alternative Investments.

I spend my time studying/researching my interests further and/or indulge myself in activities relating to those and fulfilling my dreams and desires. I'm a people person by nature, and believe in surrounding myself with intelligent, inquisitive, knowledge hungry individuals and discussing a range of subject matters, all of which of course relate to business in some form or another.

I'm always interested in new ventures; feel free to get in touch with me to discuss an idea - be it one that you've begun implementing, or not.

Current Activities and Responsibilities:
* MSc Accounting and Finance Scholar
- Dissertation: Impact of CEO characteristics on the Value of the Firm
* Private Tutor: Finance, Financial Management
* Teacher: Management Accounting
* Tutor: Accounting 1, Accounting 2
* Residence Life Mentor
* Equity and Alternative Invesments

Key highlights of the past:
* Achieved a First Class Honours in a BA (Hons), Business and Accounting,
* Set up a society (Be The Change) that comprised of a group of like-minded individuals, working toward making a positive change that has a sustainable impact.
* Attended Embercombe's 'Catalyst' programme on a Scholarship position.
* Been an Ambassador to the University of Exeter

Key Awards:
* Deans Commendation (less than 2.5% of 16,000 students get it) (University)
* Business School Commendation (University)
* Strength of Character (College)
* Pettigrew Award for General Profficiency (College)

To book:
* Private Tuition sessions,
* Guest speaker at your event, and/or
* Discuss a venture,
Send me an email on [email protected]