Vashti Patrick-Joseph

Dallas, Texas, United States

Vashti Patrick-Joseph is the creator of the award-winning blog, an event producer and host/speaker and social media consultant.

From hosting sold-out events to creating an award-winning blog, Vashti Patrick-Joseph is a force to be reckoned with. Originally from Grenada, Vashti creates online content to share uplifting stories and useful content that will inspire, enhance and add value to the lives of the members of her community.

Her blog,, was named 2014’s Best Tutorial Blog/Vlog in the Black Weblog Awards for sharing expert advice in natural hair care, beauty trends, and hands-on projects. She’s been featured on multiple websites and online magazines such as Honey Be Natural, Curly Nikki, BlackGirlLongHair,, NaturallyCurly and more.

Vashti has quickly become a go-to in the natural hair community. Additionally, she also uses her platform to volunteer, give back and bring awareness to social causes such as Heart of Haiti and the 100 Good Deeds movement. “I am a firm believer in that a kind word, a helping hand and other small acts can make a huge difference,” Vashti says. When Vashti’s not volunteering or creating, you might find her hosting monthly natural hair and self-development events, or vlogging on her popular YouTube channel.

Residing in Dallas, TX, the married entrepreneur plans to continue to create motivational content and offer consulting services to entrepreneurs and small businesses. Vashti holds a MSc in eBusiness from the University of Wyoming. Visit to learn how you can work with Vashti.

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