Vasile Goian

Web Developer and CTO in Bucharest, Romania

Hi! If you're looking for a problem solver, look no further. You need a skilled developer to turn to life your website or application idea. You need a full featured product or an MVP? If so, meet your new freelancer:

My name is Vasile Goian, I'm an experienced and passionate Senior Web Developer, focused on back-end development but complementing with front-end knowledge.

I like developing web apps and APIs for mobile apps. I love challenges and I'm eager to learn new things every day and continuously improve my skills.

I'm a very good problem solver and I find efficient and lasting solutions for difficult and tricky issues, this being the reason I got nicknamed "Magic Click" at one of my former workplaces.

In the 10+ years of experience I have worked on all kind of projects ranging from simple php scripts to complex web apps or ERPs. I have had the opportunity to work over code written by experienced developers or by beginners, from all over the world, and I have learned to adapt to any kind of difficulty and any kind of culture.

Do you think you project is too difficult? I think it's just a challenge waiting to be taken, so shoot me a message and let me simplify your life.

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