Vasileios Mylonas

Consultant, Social Media Manager, and Growth Architect in Tilburg, Netherlands

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An Economic and Regional Development professional, Certified Growth Master (Growth Hacking, Viral Marketing Certified Expert) about to get his Master's Degree of Economics specialized in Behavioral Economics & Game Theory, and Growth & Sustainability by Tilburg University.

I combine a productivity, detail and pro-activeness-oriented mind, with multisector knowledge and in-business experience as well as creative problem-solving skills in order to bridge the gaps between where your business is and where it should be. I drive ROI for growing companies using cutting-edge growth marketing and growth hacking tactics. I have worked with local, national and international organizations leading them through the adoption of new digital technologies, mentalities, strategies, building marketing & sales funnels. I am truly passionate about my work, enthusiastic and goal-driven, I do a lot of research and I never stop reading, since furthering my knowledge and skills is a "must" for me.

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My Motto:
"Life is like Google, you just need to know what are you searching for"

Areas of Expertise:
➢ Sales & Marketing Analytics and Reporting
➢ Growth Strategy, Planning, Implementation
➢ Market, Customer Persona Research
➢ Customer/ Lead Acquisition
➢ Data & BI Pattern Analysis
➢ Multivariate A/B Testing
➢ Paid Media Advertising & Analytics
➢ Building, Coaching, Managing Teams

On my free time, I pursue my passion for understanding psychology and neuroscience, especially with how they play into social norms and strategic decisions thus providing me with the info needed for proper nudging.

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